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The Danish Sound Technology Vehicle Winning in the Pro Show Category First Place and winning the Judges choice award.

With a Scan-Speak Reference front stage and Peerless XLS Subwoofers this vehicle delivers unbelievable Dynamics, an in-creditable and accurate sound stage & imaging with responsive deep lows.

More Info About the Car....
The Danish Sound Technology Australia demonstration vehicle is one of the very few vehicles in this country that can claim to be in the Hi End car audio division.

This car was built with one and only purpose, to demonstrate the amazing potential of Danish Sound Technology speakers, especially Peerless and Scan-Speak. The design and installation has taken over four month to complete. The team at AutObarn Penrith have dedicated themselves to achieve the best sounding result possible. Every single detail of the installation has been carefully studied and executed with great attention to detail.

The aim was to achieve a sound system that will overcome the vehicle's acoustic problems and will reproduce music as close to the original recording as possible. All the products in this car represent the best of the best in the car audio industry. The heart of the sound system beats to the beats of Pioneer with it's amazing flag head unit and processor P9R and DEQ9. All the heart beats are transmitted by DAI-ICHI Super Conductor Quad Shielded RCA cables.

The signal is amplified by four two channel pure Class A Celestra full analogue J-Fett Amplifiers which were hand crafted in Italy. Twelve gauge Soundlink Cables are responsible for transmitting the amplified signal to the speakers. Although the Soundlink cables are heavily shielded OFC they are covered with tubing and wrapped in synthetic automotive electrical carpet to prevent any electrical distortion from the OEM wiring, the same procedure has been carried out with all sound system wiring.

The jewel of the sound system lies in the front stage of the car. The three way Scan-Speak component system is by far the best the world has to offer. It's radiator tweeter is commonly used in it's eight ohm form in the most expensive home Hi End systems and it's very popular in the SOLIST speakers which retail for over sixty thousand dollars. As of 2004 the new phase plug design helped the REVELATOR to enter the Super Tweeter category. A field shared by only three other brands but none of them are available for the automotive environment.

The deep emotions of the systems are smoothly represented by the two Peerless ten inch XLS subwoofers which are taking the European market by storm, review after review more and more European car audio magazines state the XLS to be the smoothest and most responsive subwoofer ever built in the less than $1000 range.

To feed the hunger for power a dry cell battery now happily resides in the boot of the car providing the system with a thousand cold cranking amps, together with dual four gauge Soundlink power cables they make sure that the system is always fully powered.

Micro computer is installed in the spare tyre compartment, powered by an Intel Pentium 4 processor and with direct satellite GPS it transforms the car into a mobile studio and an office at the same time. Real time sound field testing can be done at any time and place and to print the result all one has to do is to plug a printer in to the powered USB terminal installed in the center console. Or how about an e-mail on the go?

Although all of the above may sound interesting, words can not describe the sensation of listening to this car. To fully understand what Danish Sound Technology is all about just ask for a demonstration.


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