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Please Note. Speaker Box's Shown is of
overseas model. Please select your
model speaker below for accurate colour.

Designed by Russell Storey of www.stonessoundstudio.com.au


The Peerless HDS Speaker Kit series are high definition audiophile speakers,
designed to reproduce both music and home theatre.

Australian built cabinets that are custom designed to match the
exclusive Peerless drivers from Europe.

Featuring with Music

Crystal clear highs pinpoint imaging articulate tight fast bass and a wide sound stage low
distortion which gives long term listing fatigue free.

Near field monitoring for computers music and DVD evaluation is possible as the HDS250
uses shielded speakers 

Home Theatre 

This exceptional speaker is also designed to work in both vertical and horizontal axis due
to the unique tweeter flare system. The  Peerless HDS250 can be used in DTS or
Dolby Digital Systems in  any of the 5 positions (front /rear/centre) effects.

Can be used in conjunction with the XLS Series of subwoofers to complete the vision and sound experience. 

Beautifully Designed and well constructed

Boxes come completely assembled for you to insert drivers and crossovers.
Every aspect of the cabinet design has been customised to suit the Peerless
drivers precisely, with port and box volume tailored to maximise the
performance of the HDS and XLS range of premium speakers.

Cabinet design and matching development has been achieved using the latest
in computer analysis software and with the building experience of Stones Sound Studio,
specialists in premium, exotic, custom speaker design. All cabinets are precision
manufactured by the latest computer controlled techniques from medium density
custom wood (MDF) with a choice of genuine wood veneers and Australian
hardwood decorative trim panels. The Peerless HDS range of drivers and
XLS range of subwoofers offer incredible performance and value for money.

Kits reduce your cost

When correctly matched to our custom designed cabinets and precision crossovers
with premium quality components the result is a finished speaker unit that rivals the
best audio available in the world. You will find our new range of speakers beautiful
in appearance and performance giving exceptional sound quality to music and
fantastic dynamics and realism to digital DVD home theatre

The HDS & XLS Range

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HDS150 - 2 Way Compact
HDS250 - MTM Monitor
HDS455 - MTM Monitor Tower
XLS1000 12" Dual Radiator Sub
XLS800 8" Compact Sub

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Please Note: Colours shown may vary due to circumstances out of our control
eg, type of grain and wood colour due from different batches of timber.
Please use this as a reference only.

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